Sometimes the cut does run that deep.

For West Philly born, Armani White, that moment was at the age of 4, during a domestic violence episode between his parents. Screaming at the top of his lungs for the violence to stop, only to be heard by no one, Armani now channels that moment every time he steps to the mic. After uploading a 1:13-second video to YouTube titled “Stick Up”, not only would his voice be heard but amplified. The record would land him on the pages of Pigeons & PlanesMTV and go on to be spun on Pharrell & Scott Vener’s OTHERtone. He took a step back from music in 2016 after losing his father to cancer but later returned in 2018 with a standalone titled ‘Public School’ of the long-awaited EP Keep In Touch. The song appeared on Zane Lowe’s breaking list as well as many other Beats 1 radio stations. Later in the year, he popped back up with a Breakout set at Made In America and a Pop-Up Performance in front of 10,000 people at Colorado’s Red Rock Amphitheater where he previewed his newest effort, 


‘Onederful’ is a glimpse into Armani’s ability to overcome creative adversity and produce honest music. A representation of Armani’s refusal to allow the barriers of reality to control his imagination when he creates. “We had lost access to the studio so we snuck in late nights to record the Choir and Drums and just kept building until they’d kick us out.” This record serves as the lead single building up to Armani's upcoming debut effort, 


KEEP IN TOUCH, inspired by his father's life and death, details a long-winded game of charades with a mortal and an angel sent to save him; where neither one of them can reveal their true purpose to each other. He writes: “The concept, in a nutshell, is “Save me from myself”, threaded around the idea of finding out your purpose in life before it’s too late to act on it. My character is a toxic man who blends his good intentions with horrible execution.” The project itself protects the high energy reputation while diving into the more playful and experimental bounds of Hip-Hop.